What is it? 

It's not shaved ice, and it's not ice cream.

It's SNOW CREAM, and we LOVE IT. 

Welcome to Lumi Snow, where "we put happiness in your tummy!"- according to our five year old, Lincoln. Our names are Cody and Lia Carta and we are the owners and founders of Lumi Snow Dessert Company in Fort Worth. 

After falling in love with the Taiwanese inspired concept of "shaved snow"  while visiting family in California we quickly realized that the Dallas-Fort Worth area needed to experience this unique dessert but with a NEW twist. Most "snows" use powder or are watered down to get more out of production.  Being self proclaimed "foodies" we knew there had to be a better way!  Within a few days  Cody was on an airplane to New York to study directly under world renown artisan ice cream creator, Malcolm Stogo (you can thank him for Cookies 'n' cream and chocolate dipped waffle cones!) 

Then the hustle began.  For months, we worked Lia's business during the day, and had the evenings with our two kids. Once they went to bed our kitchen turned into a makeshift snow station. Hours, upon hours, upon hours later and our closest family and friends as official taste testers, Lumi Snow was born and we couldn't be more excited to share it with you. 

We hope you feel like family when you come into Lumi. Its close to our hearts and we are excited to share this unique snow experience with your family! 

-The Carta Family

Cody, Lia, Lincoln, Kennedy, and Reagan